So, You want to know who i am?

That’s a pretty hard thing to learn from a website. But I did create this page by choice, so let’s take the first step.

I’m a native Texan, but before you get any ideas, I’m from Austin. Hook ‘em! I have a very friendly cat named Catrick Swayze, or Cat for short. I perform improv comedy around Los Angeles on multiple teams and yes, I will hook you up with free tickets. And if you didn’t see it on my Play page, I teach improv, mostly to advertisers. I also play D&D, which is honestly not as dorky as you’d think.

Work-wise, I love actual writing like headlines, dialog, and anything with humor. I also enjoy the puzzle of creating data-driven, dynamic and programmatic advertising. And if any of this doesn’t latter back to the strategy, why are we even here?


IG: @Glickity