Who is Sammy? 

That's a pretty loaded question. Would you settle for a brief bio? 

Well, howdy. 

I'm a native Texan, but let me clarify, I'm from Austin. I graduated from Texas where I played lacrosse and got my BS Advertising degree (take that how you will). I also graduated from the Creative Circus which was cool too, but not as cool. Less heat, less queso. 

As an intern (turned freelance) at JWT, I helped win the Rock the Vote and Pennzoil accounts. I only mention it because it was dope and set the standards I hold myself to pretty high.

Then I had the opportunity to move across the country to work at CP+B LA, which I took. There, I wrote my ass off for Old Navy and Grey Poupon. Like really, I lost 10 lbs. And then gained it back like a champ during sugar-fueled, all-nighters. 
Next, I moved to 180 LA, I unexpectedly became one of the few voices of Boost Mobile, and when you get to know me, you'll find out why that's funny. I also worked on a polar opposite brand (a 180 if you will)...The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the people who puts on the Oscars. I also worked on several other accounts there, most notably Mitsubishi. Speaking of cars, after freelancing around LA, I landed at Saatchi & Saatchi LA and rocked Toyota digital. More specifically data-driven social, programmatic advertising, print and the Yahoo Fantasy Football Toyota Hall of Fame. 

After I car'd so hard, I couldn't car any more, I made my way to Doner LA. Currently, I'm working with dream clients including Netflix, Del Monte, E!, WE tv, and the LA Clippers.

But this is a bio, not a life story.

I also write sketch comedy and perform improv. It’s like, where am I? Chicago? But if you want to come check out a show, and I suggest doing so, I play every other Monday on the Westside Comedy Theater's house team, Gravity, first Wednesdays at Westside with WOW! and at various theaters around LA with my indie team, Thought & Sweetful. And if that mini-plug didn't convince you to come out, would free tickets change your mind? 'Cause I can get 'em for you.