This is a small sample of our mobile-friendly Facebook campaign that took targeting to the next level for the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid starring actor James Marsden.

We wrote the scripts as first, second and third cuts that would be mixed and matched like pictures on a slot machine to make 100,000 total spots that were programmatically served according to a person’s interests, likes and searches on Facebook. That means, a person who likes running and fantasy sports would get a different video (that references those specific interests) than than someone who likes cooking and martial arts.

And yes, that math is correct.

It also got a pretty dope shoutout from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg a few times. And was recognized by The One Show - October 2016 - Innovation in Social Media

Case Study explaining how we made 100,000 personalized, programatic ads.

RAV4 Hybrid - Pictures

RAV4 Hybrid - Ad Block

RAV4 Hybrid - Roll

RAV4 Hybrid - Screen

RAV4 Hybrid - Mom

RAV4 Hybrid - Dog

RAV4 Hybrid - Always Says

RAV4 Hybrid - Without

RAV4 Hybrid - Music