Bridezillas Museum of Natural Hysteria, WE tv

This year, Bridezillas stormed back into our lives via WE tv for the first time in a decade and demanded that we create something unforgettable that would get a massive amount of social buzz and earned media.

What we created was a fully-immersive, branded Bridezillas museum filled with drama, screaming, ego and craziness. And a total selfie trap. We had an animatronic "bridezilla" dinosaur still in her gown, a "Bridezillas Through History" section that paid homage to original badasses like the Greek Goddess Hera, Cleopatra and the Bride of Frankenstein. We had a claw machine stuffed with goodies like Tiffany's gift cards, a Rage-o-Meter punching bag, a bathtub full of diamonds, and selfie-ops left and right. All right in the heart of Times Square.

If you don't believe me, check out tall of the amazing Instagram post from visitors and celebrities.

Overall, the campaign successfully spurred in a 178% increase across all the network’s social platforms, with 60% of content coming from Instagram, and 30% from Twitter. The press events generated coverage from both local and national entertainment and business outlets such as People Magazine, E! Online, Adweek’s Agency Spy, and Campaigns USA, and led to more than 800 media impressions, representing a $10 million ad dollar value. And if you’re a number junkie, it had an ROI of 22:1.

More than 10,000 visitors also flocked to see it in person and spent an average of 15 minutes exploring the museum.

No brides were harmed in the making of this museum.