The Toyota Hall of Fame is most prestigious entity in all of Fantasy Football, which means everything we create for it must be just as epic. 

Good thing we became the first major brand to sync the Oculus with Leap Motion Technology creating a completely immersive experience. It allows people to seamlessly interact with the environment using real world gestures such as picking up a hammer and swinging it, just like you commonly do in real life.

Now Hall hopefuls can attempt to carve the ultimate symbol of Hall of Fame success, a perfect bronze bust, intuitively, with their bare hands.

If you're really into Fantasy, this tag will hit home.

This is a simple walkthrough of the experience. Somehow, my favorite line, "you're ruining it!" isn't featured

One cannot comprehend the gloriousness of this experience until wearing a headset. Hope you like going to 49ers games.

Hey Colin Kaepernick, get back on the field! 

Look at Toyota Hall of Famer, Joel Beachum, loving this VR experience.