New Yorker Thrillustrations

As a part of the new 2015 TLX launch, Acura wanted to deliver a unique thrill to consumers, wherever and they were. Fortunately, we knew where they were. NYF.

Acura is a longtime sponsor of the New Yorker’s annual New Yorker Fest which presented a unique, never been done before opportunity: to make real, bonafide New Yorker cartoons. We concepted the art and copy while the talented New Yorker cartoonist, Christopher Weyant, illustrated them.

They were displayed at NYF and posted to Acura’s Facebook page, receiving tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of shares – this is a lot for a brand with less than a million followers. People loved it so much, we hosted a caption contest judged by New Yorker editors.

Illustrating your point. It's That Kind of Thrill.